As the temperature drops and my breath begins to crystallise in front of me, I am the first to head to the coffee shop. A combination of dark mornings and frozen toes has me begging for the warm brown elixir of life. However with many coffee chains, this means a take away cup and plastic lid, and therefore a rising environmental footprint.

You can imagine my pleasure then when I found out about a designer named Peter Herman. He has ingeniously designed a greener, all-paper disposable cup that folds closed like a takeout container to form a sipping spout; clever Peter. He calls it ‘Compleat‘.

An Architect by trade, Peter spent two years of his spare time coming up with prototypes, refining the design. He estimates that his creation could potentially save retailers money, since it’s just one piece, instead of the usual two.

Let’s hope he sees success with this. Its great looks, simplicity and green credentials are just what the market needs. It will certainly make my morning craving feel a whole lot sweeter.



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