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I do love a good bold wallpaper print but this is something completely different. Artist Beth Katleman has taken wallpaper to a new level with her collection named “Folly”. The design is a three-dimensional rendering of the traditional Toile de Jouy wallpaper. Cast in ceramic, she has created a wall of exquisite Asian-inspired pavilions, occupied with fine kitschy figures.

Katleman created 12 separate installations of Folly, the first of which sold for $200,000 through Todd Merrill Studio Contemporary to a private Australian collector in 2010. “Folly” was exhibited at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York in 2011 and will be on view at The National Trust in the U.K at Claydon House in 2012. I think I’ll be off to have a closer look for myself.

I found this video (Folly by Beth Katleman) on the very cool design website Ifitshipitshere. It features Katleman explaining her collection in more detail. Commenting on her work she says, “I love the fact that these scenes are so frivolous but they’re so surreal at the same time because they take place on these floating islands of earth on your wall.”

The installations are defiantly enchanting and although not for everyone, would certainly provoke conversation around the dinner table.


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I never realised how dull stairs could be…these stair designs are amazing!










Just a little bit of wallpaper and a keen eye for a good pattern is necessary for these ones – so simple but it creates such a striking and fun effect. You could also use paint and stencils if you have more time (and energy).

Dark paint and masking tape create a brilliant illusion on a staircase. Good for fairly wide steps, and if you want to display your precious things in a clearly marked out area!


If you had a few stairs that led up to your child’s room, this is a lovely idea to paint their favourite books onto each step. Probably not for your main stairs – but how great is it to encourage a love of books every time they went up to bed.

Would you be up for doing something like this to your stairs? Any of these ideas appeal to you? We don’t have stairs in our flat, and now I’m sad.


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