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Christmas is nearly upon us and its time to start wrapping all those presents you’ve spent so long searching for. I have a tradition of wrapping mine in fun newspaper articles or glossy magazine pictures but this year I may have to let that slide. How could I not after seeing the creations from Gift Couture.

Gift Couture is a start-up wrapping paper company that offers high-quality wrapping paper sets. They produce unique papers that coordinate together into conceptualized themes and sets. The initial project has been based on the humble cheeseburger and includes 5 different designs; a bun, hamburger, cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes. The product video is well worth a look purely for the funky music. Cleverly place pile your presents to create the biggest burger in town.

The company is now looking to get funding. Let’s hope they get some and release more creative paper sets for us to enjoy all year round.


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Christmas is meant to be about giving thoughtful gifts to those most important to you. I think there is no better way to make a present special than make it yourself; this way you can put a bit of your own personality and twist into it.

I received a wonderfully creative gift this year at a pre-christmas drinks from a good friend and editor of Nested Home’s sister blog, Holly. She bough a pretty old fashioned jar and layered it with all the measured ingredients I needed to make Christmas cookies. I say all ingredients, by this I mean all apart from margarine, egg and vanilla essence… layering these may be slightly more difficult. Cooking instructions were handwritten on an attached card.

The resulting gift rippled smiles across my face and I was quite touched by the time taken to create a gift special to me. It certainly inspired me and the next day I was sat on the living room floor creating some of my own. Within a few days I had two different variations; tall jars filled with sweets and larger jars with ingredients, similar to Holly’s original design.

They were so easy to make and I’m certain they too will bring their new owners a huge amount of joy; anyone with a sweet tooth would be delighted! This is what Christmas is all about so why not give it a go yourself?

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On my usual Friday flick through Not on the Highstreet’s catalogue, I found these amazing pillow cases for kids (or adults…).

These would be brilliant stocking fillers, or you could use them as the stockings!


















Very cute! His and hers would be amazing – headphones and a crown! Available for £15 each at Not on the Highstreet.

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This year Christmas has crept up on me. Suddenly there are lights on Oxford Street and it’s dark at 5.00pm. So before I’m too late it’s time to get those cards done and sent.

With money on the mind, many people will be getting crafty and creating their own cards this year. I’ve collected some great examples of how you can put a bit of yourself into your Christmas this year.

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